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ingrid pollard in devon

The desire for this project was multi-layered: to share the art practice of Ingrid Pollard through a wide open commission, to engage audiences in the South West (beyond Bristol) and to experiment with a curatorial model that was multi-site and multi-partner, unfolding elements and perspectives of Pollard’s extensive practice.


First discussed in 2018, talking on corners gained an arts council project grant the following year. The 2020 pandemic put a strain on momentum, enthusiasm, support and energy in a myriad of ways. Funds were redirected, infrastructure shifted, learning curves steepened.

Ingrid has been beyond patient during the many challenges of this project and has been unbelievably generous with her time, energy and ideas. She has been gracious as always and gave it her all in the face of her increasingly busy schedule. Thank you Ingrid.

Photo © Emile Holba

New project partnerships will deliver a range of engagement for different audiences.

Project partners include Devon and Exeter Institution, Libraries Unlimited, The University of Exeter, Natural England, South Devon College and the University of Plymouth. In addition to the partners and funding from Arts Council England, the project is generously supported by the University of Exeter’s Geography Department, the Association for Art History, the Paul Mellon Centre, LewisDavey, and Kaleider.

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