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Throughout her extensive career, Dr Ingrid Pollard’s contributions to photography and art have broken new ground and forged pathways for younger generations, shaping Britain’s understanding and histories of art, society and nationhood. Alongside digital, analogue and alternative photographic processes, she also incorporates printmaking, image-text, artist’s books, artefacts, memorabilia, installation, video and audio into her practice.


In 2019 Pollard received the BALTIC Artist’s Award and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award. In 2020 MK Gallery and Pollard were joint recipients of the prestigious Freelands Award for a major solo exhibition in 2022. In 2022 she was one of four artists nominated for the Turner Prize.

Pollard’s careful and nuanced photographic research and practice, creates profoundly layered work around landscape and labour, people and places, memory and migration, industry, and individual experience. Her work uses portraiture photography and traditional landscape imagery to explore deeply ingrained and dangerous social constructs, such as Britishness and Englishness. The artist examines narratives of journeys travelled and stories told, deconstructing common ideas of identity, ownership, borders and subjecthood as complex concepts. 

Engaging with both the technically and historically loaded materiality of lens-based media, Pollard locates and dislocates concepts and narratives of identity and subjectivity within colonial imaginary.

Photo © Emile Holba
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