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Our history and our lived experience is our gift to the world.

– Joan Nestle, Restricted Country

We/Us - roman manfredi

We/Us is the UK’s first visual art project celebrating the undocumented presence of Butches and Studs from working class backgrounds. Using film photography as a medium, Roman Manfredi explores intergenerational female masculinity through the structures of class and race within the British landscape. This extraordinary new solo exhibition by lens based artist Manfredi, co-curated by Ingrid Pollard, will be on show at Space Station Sixty-Five, 9 March – 3 June 2023. No ordinary portrait show, Manfredi presents forty-one framed photographs with an audio installation taken from interviews with the participants.

ella s. mills contributed to the development of this project and talking on corners is very proud to support and promote manfredi's extraordinary practice.


listen to some excerpts from roman's We/Us interviews here

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