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three drops of blood

Ingrid Pollard: Three Drops of Blood is a new series of work, commissioned by talking on corners and supported by Arts Council England. This new exhibition will feature photography, print, mixed media, installation, text and found objects. The work will be shown at Thelma Hulbert Gallery 6 Aug - 29 Oct.


This collection of new artwork invites us to consider the complex affects and relationships of the historical importation and travel of plants and people, asking us to unpack the resulting resonances on place and power.

The new work has been created in response to Ingrid's research in the UK, including Devon. Pollard honed in on botanical gardens and local lace-making, as well as the unique historical collections of books at the Devon and Exeter Institution. Drawing out her interests in classification, knowledge, leisure, trade and money, these themes can be unfolded far beyond Devon, into conversations spanning generations and geographies.

Three Drops of Blood exhibition poster

Read artist and writer Ashanti Hare's response to the exhibition here

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