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Natural England’s Connecting People with Nature Programme works to enable more people and communities to benefit from connecting to the natural world. Natural England is working in collaboration with talking on corners, South Devon College and University of Plymouth to create a project where students can engage with Ingrid Pollard's wider practice and have the opportunity to reflect on the connection between art and landscape. Working with Yarner Wood National Nature Reserve, art students from South Devon College and the University of Plymouth will engage in site specific work, reflecting on their places in landscapes, using materials directly from the site such as charcoal. 



Mark making in situ with Yarner Wood charcoal

Photo: Sam Aspden

On 26th September Pollard will be presenting a talk at the Arts Institute, University of Plymouth, open to members of the public to attend. More information about the talk coming soon.

As part of the partnership, Pollard will be running a workshop with the students in situ at Yarner Wood, after which the students will be encouraged to develop their own body of work, responding to the themes of Pollard’s practice. Their experiences and reflections about how their own artistic practice is shaped by Pollard’s will be captured as part of the project through an evaluation and a film by the film-maker Niyaz Saghari.


Students of South Devon College and University of Plymouth Fine Art at Yarner Wood, with Natural England's Albert Knott.

Images courtesy Sam Aspden, South Devon College

Film maker Niyaz Saghari has been commissioned to document the students' ongoing engagement with Pollard and Yarner Wood, linking into Pollard's wider practice.

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