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audio collages

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'this is a conversation I didn't know I needed to have'

We are pleased to release Lauren Craig’s audio collages as part of her ‘On the Tip of My Tongue’ work, commissioned by talking on corners with funds from Plymouth Culture, Barbican Theatre and Arts Council England. Using the Echoes GPS sound app on your smartphone (download the app below), you are invited to take a self-directed journey around parts of Plymouth, slow listening by engaging in your familiar surroundings through a different lens.


Craig created public sound art in the form of spatial audio collage, encompassing the voices from the interviews for the people of Plymouth to embody whilst exploring geolocated landscapes.


The audio collages are a way for the voices of global majority creatives to be heard within central Plymouth, reflecting the energy of their practices and the plurality of their experiences.

Will you take the time to listen differently?

access to the audio collages for your walk:

There are 5 audios to choose from, each is between 30-60 minutes long and is split into smaller parts. You can listen to as many parts as you want in one go.


After downloading the free Echoes app on your phone, return to this page and follow the instructions below:

Download the Echoes app for apple

Download the Echoes app for android

  1. Click the part of the audio collage you want to listen to (see below). This will take you to the Echoes platform


​2. Click the button with the blue number and downward arrow (circled in red in Fig. 1) to download the audio collage onto your phone (we don’t recommend pressing the ‘stream walk’ button, it uses a LOT of phone data)


3. When a blue START button appears, the audio collage is ready to listen to

The audio collages are best experienced whilst walking/moving around Plymouth



  • To find all your ‘downloaded walks’ on the Echoes app, click the 3 lines at the top left hand corner when you open the app (see Fig. 2).

  • You can also locate the walks by searching 'On the Tip of My Tongue' within the app.   

  • Alternatively, you will be able to listen to them on our website at the end of the month.  

Fig 1
Fig 2

audio 1

Walk 1 Blue __ Staccato.jpeg

audio 2

Walk 2 Aqua __ Stillness.jpeg

audio 3

Walk 3 Pink __ Lyrical.jpeg

audio 4

audio 5

Images: Details of hand woven textiles by Zhi Holloway, 2022, made for 'On the Tip of My Tongue' by Lauren Craig, commissioned by talking on corners

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