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lauren craig

Lauren Craig is a London-based cultural futurist. Her expansive practice as an artist, curator, full-spectrum doula and celebrant is untethered, sprawling and liberatory. Carefully marrying concept with materiality, she slowly moves between performance, installation, experimental art writing, exhibition-making, moving image, research and photography.  

Her auto-ethnographic-therapeutic works are meditations on celebration, commemoration and tribute. Through archival research and reactivation, she centres on lived experience while challenging and reframing past and present dominant narratives. Craig offers her creativity as a call to action to create ethical, cultural memory and collective intelligence. Her work is an invitation to convene and proposition our futurity.


Craig has recently worked as part of the Rita Keegan Archive Project team, producing the exhibition ‘Rita Keegan: Somewhere Between There and Here’, at South London Gallery,

and publication, ‘Mirror Reflecting Darkly’. Craig has been working on an independent project, Rendering Experience, focused on the practice of Maud Sulter and the publication ‘Passion: Blackwomen’s Creativity’ (1990), by Sulter and Ingrid Pollard (Turner Prize nominee, 2022). She is one of three current curators on the Art360 Foundation & International Curators Forum, Artists’ Legacies in the Museum project, working with the Maud Sulter Estate.

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