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audio collages

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'this is a conversation I didn't know I needed to have'

We are pleased to release Lauren Craig’s audio collages as part of her ‘On the Tip of My Tongue’ work, commissioned by talking on corners with funds from Plymouth Culture, Barbican Theatre and Arts Council England. Originally designed to listen via a GPS sound app on your smartphone, these audio collages are now available on Soundcloud and can be listened anywhere. We invite you to engage in slow listening.


Craig created public sound art in the form of spatial audio collage, encompassing the voices from our original interviews for the people of Plymouth to embody whilst exploring geolocated landscapes.


The audio collages are a way for the voices of global majority creatives to be heard reflecting the energy of their practices and the plurality of their experiences.

Will you take the time to listen differently?

Follow the Soundcloud link in the logo below to access all 5 audio collages.

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